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What is the Mad Scientist Contest?

The MAD Scientist Contest promotes the excitement of science discovery by encouraging participants to undertake a new experiment using Nano3D Biosciences cell culturing technology. This patented technology uses Nanoshuttle™ nanoparticle assembly and magnets to levitate cells to form 3D multicellular structures.


Who is eligible to participate?
  • The Mad Scientist Contest is open to all life sciences researchers, no matter what state or country they reside in.
  •  Employees of Nano3D Biosciences and their families are not eligible for participation.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years old, and if requested to do so, must provide proof of age.


What are the prizes?

The prizes below are for the MAD Scientist Contest II 

The first prize consists of a $2500 Travel Grant Award.
The second prize consists of a $1000 Travel Grant Award.
The third prize consists of a $500 Travel Grant Award.
The honorable mention prize consists of a $250 Travel Grant Award.


Who receives the $2500 Travel Grant award?

The team leader receives a check for the amount of the award. Proof of identity (photo ID) and signing of tax documents is required.


How can I access the contest giveaways and drawings?

Giveaways and drawings will be announced on our website and on our Facebook page.


Do I have to purchase a MAD Scientist Kit in order to participate? 

No! The MAD Scientist kit is available for participants who currently do not have or use n3D’s cell culturing technology. However, the use of n3D’s technology is required for a valid entry.


Do I need to use the 24-well system?

No! Any n3d system will do, including BiO Assay



How is the data submitted to be used? 

n3D will be allowed to use any data submitted as contest entry in corporate communication and marketing. If requested in writing at the time of data submission, data will not be disclosed for a requested time up to one year or until date of publication.